135 Park Street, BROWNSVILLE, PA 15417
Phone: (724) 785-6488
Guy A. Skirpan, Supervisor

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Deanna L. Skirpan, Funeral Director

Our Heritage

Skirpan Funeral Home

135 Park Street

Brownsville, PA 15417



Skirpan Funeral Home was established at 219 Market Street in Brownsville, Pennsylvania on March 1, 1922 by Andrew J. Skirpan Sr. and his wife Anna Haky Skirpan.  After the untimely death of Andrew J. Skirpan Sr. in 1947, his wife - Anna Skirpan - owned and operated the funeral home on a widow's license until their son - Andrew J. Skirpan Jr. came into the family business in 1949 and received his funeral directors license in 1950.

In 1960, The Skirpan Funeral Home was forced to relocate because of the construction of the Lane Bane Bridge in Brownsville.  Andrew J. Skirpan Jr. and his wife Gilda purchased 50+ acres of land where they built their brand new, state-of-the-art, ultra-modern facility which is still the present day location at 135 Park Street in Brownsville, Pennsylvania.

In 1979, Andrew and Gilda's son - Guy A. Skirpan entered the family funeral business and received his funeral director's license in 1980.  In 1990, after 40 years of owning and operating The Skirpan Funeral Home, Andrew sold the funeral home to Guy.  Today, the Skirpan Funeral Home Inc., is very proud to be in its third generation of continuous, family ownership - thus making us Brownsville's oldest and largest continuously owned family funeral home.  Guy, along with his wife Deanna - who is also a licensed funeral director - continue the tradition set forth back in 1922 and strive to maintain the highest level of professional, personal, and attentive service to families in their greatest time of need.

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