135 Park Street, BROWNSVILLE, PA 15417
Phone: (724) 785-6488
Guy A. Skirpan, Supervisor

680 Cherry Tree Lane, Uniontown, PA 15401
Phone: 724-430-9010
Michael C. Bogorae, Supervisor
Deanna L. Skirpan, Funeral Director

Skirpan Funeral Home INC. - Uniontown, PA

Due to the rapid and increased growth of the South Union Township and Uniontown Area, Guy and Deanna Skirpan decided to branch out and open a second funeral home location in Uniontown, PA.

In 2000, Guy and Deanna purchased a 3 acre lot at the end of Cherry Tree Lane in Uniontown, PA and built an impressive, brand new, state-of-the-art funeral home.  The Skirpan Funeral Home in Uniontown officially opened in May of 2001.  It is pretty safe to say that there is no other funeral home in the area that can even compare in size, space, or elegance to this facility.  The funeral home is approximately 10,000 square feet in size and is all situated on one level for ease of accessibility.  The main lobby and entryway as you enter the funeral home is enormous in size and is beautifully decorated with marble flooring and a gorgeously breathtaking crystal chandalier.

There are 4 spacious and elegantly decorated visitation rooms.  Three of these visitation rooms are located all in a row and are inter-connected by solid oak pocket doors.  The pocket doors can be opened in between the rooms, and thus, the visitation rooms can be opened into the next room and  expanded as needed for large crowds or services.  When all three of the visitation rooms pocket doors are opened, it becomes one enormously gigantic room - capable of holding hundreds of people!  In fact, individually on their own, each of these three visitation rooms are extremely spacious - each room measuring over 900 square feet in size, and have elegant, tasteful custom draperies running the full length of the wall, from ceiling to floor.   The custom draperies are opened as needed to display the flowers and casket with total dignity.

There is a very spacious and comfortable family lounge, located off of the main lobby.  We offer hot coffee and tea, and also have a soda pop machine - which is a very popular amenity at our funeral home.  The lounge is very large and yet is decorated with a very home-like atmosphere - complete with glass tables, chairs, sofa, and loveseat which offers more than enough seating for our families.

The funeral home has a huge funeral service merchandise selection room, complete with a large inventory of full-sized caskets (NOT quarter-sized models), burial vaults for cemeteries, bronze markers, clothing, and other merchandise common and pertinent to funerals.  At Skirpan Funeral Home Inc., families see, know, and understand the type and quality of funeral service merchandise that they are paying for with their hard earned money.

The funeral home has spacious, navigable hallways and ADA accessible restroom facilities.  The ladies restroom also has a private ladies lounge.  There is a large, private, off-street parking lot and 2 carport porticos, which allows families to drive their cars right up to our doors.  We also have several outdoor lounge areas located off of the porticos - complete with granite tables and benches where people can sit down or get a breath of fresh air.  And of course, the funeral home has central air-conditioning which provides our families the ultimate in comfort.

As you can see from the information above, this facility was specifically constructed and designed for family convenience and family comfort during their bereavement and grief.  As we stated before, it is pretty safe to say that there is no funeral home in the area that can compare in size, layout, or elegance and beauty to this funeral home.  We are very proud and very honored to be the Uniontown Area's newest, family-owned funeral home.

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