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Phone: (724) 785-6488
Guy A. Skirpan, Supervisor

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Deanna L. Skirpan, Funeral Director

Skirpan Funeral Home INC. - Brownsville, PA

The Skirpan Funeral Home began its business on March 1, 1922 at 219 Market Street in Brownsville.  In 1960, the construction of The Lane Bane Bridge forced the funeral home to move to a new location.  Andrew J. Skirpan and his wife Gilda purchased 50+ acres of land at the end of Park Street and built their brand new, state-of-the-art, ultra-modern facility which is the present day location at 135 Park Street in Brownsville.

Unlike other funeral homes which are usually converted into funeral homes from old houses, The Skirpan Funeral Home was constructed specifically to be a funeral home.  As mentioned above, The Skirpan Funeral Home in Brownsville is situated on 50+ acres in a peaceful, private, tranquil-like setting at the end of Park Street. The funeral home has 3 large, spacious, and tastefully decorated visitation rooms.  In each visitation room, the focal point of the room is the cove behind the custom draperies, which is where the casket and flowers are arranged.  This gives our families more comfortable space and room to greet friends and loved ones as they come to the funeral home to pay their respects.

Our family lounge is a place that families find comfort in taking a small break to get a refreshment.  We offer hot coffee and tea and also have a soda pop machine which is a popular amenity at our funeral home.  The lounge has recently been redecorated and renovated with new hardwood floors, new tables and chairs with a coffee-like insignia, new draperies, and new glass end tables.

Our funeral home also has a large funeral service merchandise selection room complete with a very large inventory of full-sized caskets (NOT quarter-sized models), burial vaults for cemeteries, bronze markers, clothing, and other merchandise that is common and pertinent to funeral services.  At Skirpan Funeral Home Inc.,  families see first-hand, and know and understand the type and quality of merchandise that their hard earned money is going to.

Our funeral home also has another smaller lounge where families can talk privately with clergy or friends; spacious, navigable hallways, and ADA accessible restroom facilities.  We have 2 large, private, off-street parking lots capable of holding 75 cars or better and 2 carport porticos which allow families to drive their car right up to our doors.  We also have several outdoor lounge areas around the funeral home - complete with granite benches and granite tables where people can sit down or get a breath of fresh air. 

Because the funeral home was constructed brand new in this modern-day era, we of course have Central Air-Conditioning at our facility which provides our families with the ultimate in comfort.  Also, another brand new feature at our funeral home that we are excited about is our Power Generator.  Because of the increased number of bad rain and wind storms that our area has seen over the past couple of years, Guy and Deanna installed a power generator at the funeral home in Brownsville.  This generator has the capacity to power our entire funeral home.  That's right - our entire funeral home, along with all of our outside parking lot lighting will be on when the power goes out.  Death and Funerals are the most traumatic, highly stressful times in our lives.  Visitation Times and Funerals are planned and arranged for a certain day and date.  Friends and loved ones change their work and schedules to be there. The last thing a family needs to worry about is a bad storm that will knock out the power and thus they will not be able to greet friends and loved ones at a visitation or funeral because the lights are out and everybody is in the pitch dark.

As you can see from the information above, our facility was specifically designed and is layed out for family convenience and family comfort during their bereavement.  No other funeral homes in our area can match our facility and our private, country-like setting.  Our spacious beautiful grounds surrounding our facility make for a peaceful atmosphere.  We are very honored and very proud to be Brownsville's largest, oldest, and only continuously family-owned independent funeral home.


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