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Guy A. Skirpan, Supervisor

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Our Firm

The Skirpan Funeral Home opened on March 1, 1922.  We are an independent, family owned funeral home.  Our caring, compassionate, and experienced staff coupled with our state-of-the-art facilities and our very well respected reputation for excellence in the community have pushed us to the forefront of funeral service. 

The Skirpan Funeral Home Inc. is the oldest and largest continuously owned family funeral home serving the greater Brownsville Area. In 2001, we opened our second funeral home located in Uniontown, PA, which is the newest and largest funeral home to serve the Uniontown Area.  We are now in our third generation of continuous family ownership with Guy A. Skirpan and his wife Deanna.  Our funeral homes have not changed hands or ownership throughout the years.  We are a permanent staple in our communities having served the Brownsville, Uniontown and surrounding communities yesterday, today, and will continue to serve our communities in the future.

In September of 2011, The Skirpan Funeral Home Inc. was selected by the residents of Fayette County through the Herald Standard Newspaper's Community Choice Awards as Fayette County's #1 Funeral Home.  On behalf of Guy and Deanna Skirpan, along with their hard working and dedicated staff, are very excited and also very humbled to receive such a distinguished award from our families, friends and neighbors in this wonderful community in which we live and work.  Please accept our most sincerest of thanks to all of the residents of Fayette County who obviously hold our firm in the highest regard.

This year, in 2012, we are celebrating our 90th year in the funeral business - an unprecedented accomplishment that speaks volumes about the generations of families that have placed their complete trust and faith in this funeral home.


Our Prices are as attractive as our facilities

Even though we have a beautiful, spacious, fully staffed funeral home, we still have the fairest prices in the area.  We understand the importance of keeping costs within a budget.  We understand that every family's wishes are different and unique.  This is why we offer a very wide selection of services which allows your family to choose only those services that are meaningful and affordable.  Sometimes, people are hesitant to discuss cost, but we want to be open about all of the aspects of our services.  The very best doesn't mean that it will cost you more, in fact - it will probably cost you less.


Commitment to Caring

We believe that we help our families the most by listening to them and providing choices.  Our purpose and goal is to take care of the details and complexities, while offering a very dignified and personalized service.  Through diligence in planning and arranging every detail on behalf of the bereaved families that we serve, we feel that we are able to alleviate some of the stress of grief.  Our entire licensed and non-licensed staff are solely dedicated to the purpose of providing a helpful atmosphere and setting where grieving family and friends can reflect on the person who has died.  Funerals offer a time and place for people to gather and support one another and to reach out in love and concern.  They allow each participant to grieve in their own way and at their own level.  Remember that there is real wisdom, healing, and comfort in observing the grief process both in ourselves and in others.


Every Detail Considered

Most importantly, Skirpan Funeral Home Inc. is committed to taking care of every detail on your behalf.  We listen very carefully to each and every family, offer a wide choice of services, and arrange services which keep with your own traditions and financial means.


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