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Burial Vaults

 A Burial Vault is a protective outer container for the casket.  Burial Vaults help protect the deceased and the casket or urn against the entrance of any environmental elements such as ground water and weight from heavy equipment that is used in the cemetery.   Burial Vaults also protect the casket from settling and keeps the ground intact, thus preserving the beauty of the cemetery.

 A family selects a burial vault for the additional peace of mind that it brings.  A broad selection of vaults are available, ranging in levels of protection from a basic concrete product to highly protective lined vaults, manufactured with a combination of concrete cores and ABS Plastic liners, while Stainless Steel, Copper and Bronze linings provide the greatest amount of protection available.

In many areas, cemeteries require the use of some form of burial vault be used with any interment to help protect the stability of the grave.

Alert to families when pre-paying for your

cemetery lots or opening and closing with a large,

corporate-owned cemetery!


When discussing funeral service merchandise such as burial vaults with your family or loved ones, ALWAYS call on your local funeral director with questions that you may have.  Many big, corporate-owned cemeteries in our area try to package the burial vault in with a burial lot or opening and closing of the grave fees all in one price.  Many people in the community, especially the elderly, receive phone calls from these individuals saying that they want to update their records and want to come to their homes to sell cemetery lots or pre-pay for opening and closing of their grave spaces.  Many go so far as to say that they are working with the funeral home that you or your family patronize and that you must buy your burial vault through the cemetery.


These large corporate-owned cemeteries do not have you or your family's best interests in mind and work off of large commissions on what they sell. Remember, ALWAYS consult your local funeral director just to compare prices and quality.  

At Skirpan Funeral Home, we will always answer your questions about burial vaults truthfully and honestly.  You will know and understand the quality of funeral service merchandise that you are buying through us.  Do not get pressured into buying your vault with your grave lots or opening and closing fees at a cemetery just so you can "get it over with and out of the way."  Ask questions and know for sure the quality of merchandise your money is buying.  At Skirpan Funeral Home, we are proud to be family-owned and have served our communities for generations.  Our funeral directors live, work, & attend church right here in your local community - and are always available for you.

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