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Bronze Marker Photos

Patriot Monument Company

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Below, you will find designs and photos of sample bronze memorial markers.  As we mentioned before on our bronze markers page, the selection, design, emblems, insignias, wording etc., is virtually infinite and endless.  With our state-of-the-art computer technology that we have, we can personalize and design a bronze memorial with your loved one in mind.  Please call us today to receive a brochure, get a quote, get information, or make an appointment to sit down with us to order a bronze memorial.  With our low prices and the amount of money that we can save you and your family - you will be happy that you called us!


Samples of Bronze Memorial Markers are shown below:


Matthews Misty Rose Companion without vase  (vase may be added)


Matthews Misty Dogwood Companion without vase (vase may be added)


Matthews Misty Pine Individual without vase (vase may be added)


Matthews Misty Oaklawn Individual wothout vase (vase may be added)


Matthews New Horizons - Memorials in different color bronze - Rose Design


Matthews New Horizons - Memorials in different color bronze - Plain Design


Matthews New Horizons - Color Choices for Bronze Memorials


Veterans - Individual without vase


Veterans - Individual with vase


Veterans - Matching Companion Memorial Marker with Vase


Sheidow - Rose - Companion


Sheidow - Rose - Companion with Plantar Vase


Sheidow - Dogwood - Companion


Sheidow - Rose/Dogwood Companion


Sheidow - Grecian Fret - Companion


Sheidow - Mountain Scene - Individual


Sheidow - Pine - Individual


Sheidow - Contemporary Plain - Individual


Matthews - Rustic Farm Scene - Companion


Matthews - Seascape Scene - Companion


Matthews - Holy Patron - Companion


Matthews - Holy Patron with Rosary - Individual


Gorham - Ivy Vine - Companion


Gorham - Apple Blossom - Companion


Gorham - Flowering Dogwood - Companion


Gorham - Mountain View - Individual


Gorham - American Veteran - Companion


Gorham - Chapel Rose - Individual


Gorham - Sanctuary Rose - Individual


Gorham - Simplicity - Individual


Trinity Memorials - Cypress & Laurel - Companion


Trinity - Sunset Rose - Companion


Trinity - Sierra Rose - Companion


Trinity - Cove Oak - Individual


Trinity - Cove Pine - Individual

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