135 Park Street, BROWNSVILLE, PA 15417
Phone: (724) 785-6488
Guy A. Skirpan, Supervisor

680 Cherry Tree Lane, Uniontown, PA 15401
Phone: 724-430-9010
Michael C. Bogorae, Supervisor
Deanna L. Skirpan, Funeral Director

Merchandise Selection Room - Brownsville, PA

At Skirpan Funeral Home Inc., our families are taken step by step through the process and  explanation of funeral service merchandise.  We have a very large merchandise selection room that features anywhere between 25 and 28 full size caskets - alot more than most funeral homes in our area show - which gives our families the advantage of a very wide selection of  design, colors, interiors, and most of all - price & cost.  We do not show quarter-casket models.  At Skirpan Funeral Home, we believe that families have a right to see up close and personal the full, entire product and  to understand what their hard earned money is going towards. We have a wide selection of Wilbert & Clark Burial Vaults - which are the two foremost, trusted names in burial vaults.  We also have bronze markers, burial urns, cremation vaults, cremation urns, clothing & underclothing, and other religious items that are pertinent to the funeral.  At Skirpan Funeral Home, there is a difference.

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